What will happen to EU citizens in the UK after Brexit, will they need visas and how many are in Britain now?


Any EU citizen in Brexit Britain by 2021 can stay forever – and bring their family or partner

How many EU citizens are there in the UK?

Around 3.6million EU nationals currently live in the UK, including nearly 600,000 children.

Theresa May confirmed all EU nationals living in the UK will now be able to gain “settled status” and stay here indefinitely.

The PM vowed in June last year that “no family will be split up” as she outlined a 15-page document detailing the Government’s offer on citizen rights.

After an initial agreement on “divorce issues” with the EU was reached on December 8, Mrs May pledged that EU citizens’ rights would be written into UK law.

She then wrote an open letter saying: “I greatly value the depth of the contributions you make – enriching every part of our economy, our society, our culture and our national life.

“I know our country would be poorer if you left and I want you to stay.”



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Status of EU citizens in the UK: what you need to know

Information for European Union citizens, and their families, about their rights in the UK.

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